‘Forever in the Garden: Monty Don’s Heartfelt Tribute to Nigel, His Beloved Canine Companion’

Monty Don recently paid tribute to his late dog Nigel, who passed away two months ago. The well-known Gardener’s World host expressed his grief in May when Nigel, the golden retriever, tragically fell ill and experienced severe seizures. Nigel, who unexpectedly became a beloved figure on the show, garnered his own following with fan mail, social media accounts, and even inspired a book titled Nigel: My Family And Other Dogs written by Don.

Happy times: Monty Don has revealed he has set up a touching memorial for his late dog Nigel, who died in May

Exciting News: Monty Don recently unveiled a heartwarming tribute he set up for his beloved late dog, Nigel, who passed away in May. In a post on Instagram, the well-known TV presenter shared a photo of a beautiful terracotta pot that had been customized with a special engraving. The pot featured the inscription ‘Nigel 2008 – 2010’ at the base, accompanied by a small image of the dog. Monty expressed his gratitude by writing, ‘Received this lovely gift today from Whichford as a tribute to my loyal companion.’

Touching: The Gardener's World presenter shared a snap of his new terracotta pot with a special engraving in honour of his pet

The Gardener’s World host posted a photo of his latest terracotta plant pot with a personalized engraving dedicated to his beloved pet. He mentioned that he needs to find the perfect plant for it with the hashtag #tennisballtree. Back in May, he shared the heartbreaking news of Nigel’s passing on his Twitter and Instagram, describing him as his “old friend” who remained happy and healthy until the very end. Don expressed his sorrow over Nigel’s death on social media, stating, “I am deeply saddened to share that Nigel has passed away.”

Sad news: Monty's beloved dog died after 'suddenly falling ill with violent, unstoppable seizures'

Heartbreaking update: Monty’s cherished dog passed away after unexpectedly becoming ill with severe seizures.
He captured every moment of last Friday’s show, and up until the end, his pet was content, vibrant, and his usual affectionate self.
Sadly, he was struck by sudden and uncontrollable seizures, and despite the best efforts of the caring veterinarians, he peacefully passed away with no distress or discomfort. His final resting place is now in the garden, surrounded by an abundance of tennis balls.
Rest peacefully, dear old friend. We will meet again in a better place.

Loss: The golden retriever became the surprise star of BBC Two's Gardeners' World, even receiving his own fan mail and social media fan accounts

The golden retriever stole the show on BBC Two’s Gardeners’ World, capturing the hearts of viewers and sparking fan mail and social media pages dedicated to him.

Grieving: The television personality, 64, paid tribute to his 'old friend', telling his followers Nigel was 'happy, healthy and his usual calm, lovely self' right up until the end

Mourning: The TV personality, aged 64, honored his ‘long-time buddy’ and shared with his audience that Nigel remained ‘content, in good health, and his usual gentle, lovely self’ until the very end. Prior to the release of his book, Don expressed that he is just as big a fan of Nigel as any devoted viewer. Nigel was often spotted trailing behind Don in the garden alongside his fellow dog Nellie. Monty had once remarked on why his faithful companion was so photogenic, mentioning, ‘It’s probably because he’s not just good looking – he’s strikingly beautiful – but what sets him apart from other dogs is his charm, a unique ability to evoke affection. He exudes warmth. Seeing him puts me in a better mood; he projects immense joy; we’re all uplifted by his presence.’

Companions: Last year, Don revealed on Twitter that Nigel had had surgery to remove some growths from his mouth

Friends: Don shared on social media that Nigel underwent a procedure to remove growths from his mouth last year.

Popular pup: The dog spawned social media fan accounts

Fan favourite: Nigel lent his name to Don's book Nigel: My Family And Other Dogs

Beloved pup: This furry friend became a social media sensation and even inspired Don’s book titled Nigel: My Family And Other Dogs. Recently, Don shared on Twitter that Nigel underwent successful surgery to remove some growths from his mouth. He assured fans that Nigel was recovering well and would be back to filming soon. Monty’s choice of the name Nigel for his pet was a result of his quirky sense of humor, enjoying the simplicity of common names for his beloved companions.

At peace: Don previously said of his canine companion: 'I feel happier seeing him; he feels tremendously happy; we are all thoroughly cheered up'

In a state of tranquility: Don previously expressed that in the company of his furry friend, he experiences increased joy; his canine companion also exudes happiness, creating a cheerful atmosphere for all involved.

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