Manor Mutt Madness: A Glimpse into the Lavish Lives of Charles Spencer, the Duchess of Rutland, and Princess Olympia’s Instagram-Famous Pups

The British upper class, including Earl Spencer, have been sharing their love for dogs on social media. Kate Middleton’s brother James also features his pampered pets on Instagram. The Duchess of Rutland posts pictures of her animals enjoying the vast grounds of her estate. British aristocrats and high society figures have been treating their followers to a peek into the extravagant lives of their beloved dogs this summer. Earl Spencer and the Duchess of Rutland, both 56, are among those who regularly showcase their pets on Instagram. Meanwhile, James Middleton, 33, spoils his six dogs with fancy meals and trips, even investing in a £2,000 dog bike for them to travel in style. Camille Gottlieb, the granddaughter of Grace Kelly, and Lydia Forte, the daughter of hotelier Sir Rocco, also give their followers a glimpse into the luxurious lives of their sun-loving dogs. Take a look at the socialites flaunting their glamorous pets on Instagram.

Princess Diana's brother Charles, Earl Spencer, 56, often shares snaps of his adorable dogs to his Instagram account, demonstrating the comfortable spots his pets like to claim at his Althorp Estate. Pictured are his two new puppies Forager and Rufus

The brother of Princess Diana, Charles, Earl Spencer, aged 56, frequently posts pictures of his lovable dogs on Instagram. He showcases their favorite cozy spots around his Althorp Estate. In his latest post, he introduced his two new puppies named Forager and Rufus.

One of Charles' other dogs, a sullen golden Labrador Retriever, sits on a lavish red carpet while resting at the family home. Sharing the photo with his 12,000 followers, Charles wrote: 'Not enjoying the thunder outside.'

In a regal family room, a brooding golden Labrador Retriever lounges on a luxurious crimson carpet, seeking solace from the noisy storm outside. Charles shared a snapshot of his companion with his 12,000 social media fans, captioning it: ‘Not a fan of this thunderstorm.’

Earl Spencer, the younger brother of Princess Diana, posts on Instagram and Twitter - where he boasts a combined 21,800 followers - show how he has been passing the time with early morning strolls

The younger sibling of Princess Diana, Earl Spencer, is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he has around 21,800 followers. His posts often feature his morning walks, along with pictures of his beloved dogs Forager and Rufus enjoying the comforts of their home at Althorp Estate.

As the 9th Earl Spencer, Charles spent the lockdown period with his wife Karen and daughter Lady Charlotte Diana at their expansive 90-room property in Northamptonshire. In addition to the spacious house, the family also has 550 acres of land to explore on their estate.

Following his father’s passing in 1992, Earl Spencer took over the family seat in Northamptonshire. Althorp Estate is not only home to 500 years’ worth of art and family heirlooms but also serves as the final resting place of Princess Diana.

On a side note, Princess Olympia of Greece is also another prominent figure making waves in the royal scene.

Princess Olympia of Greece proves her stylish prowess even when next to her pet, pictured

Princess Olympia of Greece showcased her adorable dog enjoying a trip to the beach, pictured, recently on her social media account. The name of her pooch is unclear

Demonstrating her fashion sense even with her furry companion by her side, Princess Olympia of Greece, who was in the UK during lockdown, shared a sweet photo of her cute dog at the beach on her social media. The name of her beloved pup remains a mystery.

Princess Olympia of Greece appears to make sure every dog in her life feels loved by offering plenty of affectionate cuddles, pictured. It is unclear if this another of Olympia's pets

Princess Olympia of Greece is always seen showering her furry friends with endless love and cuddles, as captured in a heartwarming photo. It remains a mystery whether this is just one of the many pets that Olympia adores.

This chic and sophisticated socialite, Princess Olympia of Greece, who spent her time in lockdown in the UK, has a soft spot for dogs with unique personalities. As the daughter of Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, and Marie-Chantal Miller, she shares her adventures with her beloved German Shepherd, whose name remains a mystery. The duo recently embarked on a delightful beach trip together.


At Belvoir Castle, the Duchess of Rutland, 56, often shows her six dogs enjoying the stunning grounds in Leicestershire. Posting the above snap, the proud duchess wrote: 'Our dog family'

The Duchess of Rutland, 56, loves sharing photos of her six dogs having a great time at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. In a recent post, she shared a picture of them and captioned it with “Our dog family.”

'Snoozy pups,' the duchess wrote to caption this image of her three smallest dogs resting on a sofa in the castle. She shared it with her 10,000 Instagram followers last month

The duchess affectionately referred to her three little dogs as “sleepy puppies” in a recent Instagram post where they were caught lounging on a sofa in the castle. This adorable snapshot was shared with her 10,000 followers just last month.

The Duchess of Rutland, 56, has continued her business-minded plan to keep Belvoir Castle afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic, revealing a virtual tour of the estate and a take-away menu for meals from the Engine Yard

Emma Manners, the Duchess of Rutland, aged 56, has been taking innovative steps to ensure Belvoir Castle stays afloat during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently introduced a virtual tour of the estate and launched a take-away menu for meals from the Engine Yard.

Aside from managing the castle, Emma is also a devoted dog owner, caring for six furry companions, each of a different breed, including a pug, labrador, and Westie. She enjoys watching them run free on the grounds of the stunning Belvoir Castle located in Leicestershire.

In 1992, Emma tied the knot with David Manners, the 11th Duke of Rutland, and together they are blessed with five children: Lady Violet, 27, Lady Alice, 25, Lady Eliza, 22, Charles John Montague, Marquess of Granby, 21, and Lord Hugo Manners, 17.

Camille Gottlieb, whose mother is Princess Stephanie of Monaco and grandmother is the late Grace Kelly, delights in showing off her lovable pet to her 68,000 Instagram followers. However, the name and age of her dog remains unclear

Camille Gottlieb, the daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and granddaughter of the iconic Grace Kelly, enjoys sharing adorable pictures of her beloved furry companion with her 68,000 Instagram fans. Despite her frequent posts featuring her pet, the exact name and age of her dog are still a mystery.

Illustrating the dog's pampered lifestyle which appears to be filled with days in the sun, pictured, the 21-year-old shared a snap of her beloved pet recently with the caption: 'The person I love the most'

Showing off her dog’s luxurious lifestyle, Camille Gottlieb, the 21-year-old daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, recently posted a photo of her beloved pet basking in the sun with the caption: “The one I adore the most.” With a following of 68,000 on Instagram, the Monaco royal and socialite enjoys sharing glimpses of her furry companion with her fans. While the pup’s name and age remain a mystery, it’s clear that he loves soaking up the sun and taking leisurely strolls on the beach with his glamorous owner, Camille Gottlieb.

Lydia Forte, the daughter of hotelier Sir Rocco, is currently enjoying a break with her family in Greece. Keeping her 26,000 Instagram followers up-to-date with her lavish travels, she shared this adorable photograph of a dog enjoying the sun, sand and sea. It's unclear if the animal belongs to Lydia

Lydia Forte, daughter of renowned hotelier Sir Rocco, is currently savoring some quality time with her family on a vacation in Greece. She is keeping her 26,000 Instagram followers in the loop with her luxurious adventures, including a heartwarming picture of a dog basking in the sun, sand, and sea. Whether the furry companion belongs to Lydia remains a mystery.

The glamorous It Girl (pictured during lockdown), who is close friends of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice and a stalwart of the London social scene, joined her parents in isolation at their sprawling 1,800-acre estate in Ripley, Surrey

Lydia Forte, a well-known figure in London’s social circles and close friend of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, has been spending lockdown with her family at their expansive estate in Ripley, Surrey. The 33-year-old is the daughter of hotelier Sir Rocco, whose company boasts ownership of prestigious hotels such as the Balmoral Hotel. With her stylish presence and connections within high society, Lydia is a familiar face at elite events. Recently, she sparked curiosity on Instagram by sharing a photo of a charming white and black pup during a holiday, leading followers to speculate whether the adorable dog was hers or a companion’s.

At the start of lockdown, Lady Mary Charteris, 33, who was thought to be based at her family estate at Stanway House, in Gloucestershire, at the time, shared this adorable and rare snap of a pooch thought to be her pet. She wrote: 'Thank god for snuggly puppy dogs and snuggly PJs, right now more than ever'

During the lockdown, Lady Mary Charteris, 33, who is usually based at Stanway House in Gloucestershire, delighted her followers with a sweet and rare picture of a furry friend that is assumed to be her pet. In the caption, she expressed gratitude for the comfort of having a cuddly puppy and cozy pajamas during these challenging times. Lady Mary, the daughter of Scottish aristocrats James Charteris and Catherine Guinness, radiated warmth and coziness in the snapshot with her adorable bulldog companion.

The Duchess of Cambridge's brother James Middleton, 33, often shows off his pampered pets enjoying lavish meals (pictured) or snazzy trips on his social media account

33-year-old James Middleton, the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge, frequently shares images on his social media platform showcasing his beloved pets indulging in extravagant meals and exciting adventures.

The entrepreneur even boasts a £2,000 dog bike so his six canines can travel in style, pictured. James, who lives in Berkshire, has often credited his dogs with helping him through his struggle with depression

The entrepreneur from Berkshire proudly shows off his £2,000 dog bike so that his six beloved canines can travel in luxury. James, who has been open about how his dogs have helped him during his battle with depression, is well-known for his love of pets.

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, aged 33, is a dog enthusiast and has often shared his passion for furry friends. He is the proud owner of nine dogs, including his golden retriever Mabel, a black Labrador, two Cocker Spaniels, and five black Spaniels named Rafa, Ella, Zulu, Inka, and Luna.

His pooches have been his saving grace during tough times, and he spared no expense in getting a special dog bike worth £2,000 so that as many of them as possible can join him on his outings in style. Middleton, who is engaged to French financier Alizée Thevenet, has been keeping his fans entertained by posting lots of adorable pictures of his dogs on Instagram, both during lockdown and throughout the years.

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