Older Feline With FIV Rescued And Welcomed Into Loving Home After Tough Street Life

Elderly Cat With FIV Finally Finds Safety After Enduring Years Of Life On The Streets

Living on the streets can be tough for any animal, including cats like Frisbee. He was a homeless cat who was found in a sorry state by a caring cat rescue group called the Lowell TNR Coalition. Frisbee’s fur was matted and filthy, showing that he had been fending for himself for a while.

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Fortunately for Frisbee, his luck was about to take a turn for the better. The rescue team brought him to the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society in Salisbury, Massachusetts.
The shelter staff knew they faced a tough job ahead. It would take a lot of patience and care to help Frisbee relax enough for a thorough examination, as they explained to Love Meow:
“When we found him, he was outside, extremely matted (the worst we’ve ever seen), and very hungry. He was captured as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) initiative, and to our surprise, he turned out to be quite friendly.”

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After Frisbee escaped danger, the true neglect he suffered became clear. The veterinary team had to work tirelessly to remove his severely matted fur, requiring anesthesia. When he woke up, with his coat clean and light again, Frisbee began to show signs of improvement by purring. However, his journey to recovery was far from over.

Further evaluation revealed that Frisbee needed extensive dental care. The shelter staff explained: “Half of his teeth were gone, and the ones left were in such poor condition that they all had to be extracted. He also had a stubborn stomatitis infection, needing long-term medication.”

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Even with his existing FIV condition, the shelter made a promise to support him in every way they could. They understood that FIV was not a life-threatening condition, and their goal was to find a loving forever home for Frisbee with someone who could provide him with the care he needed. Despite his numerous medical issues that may have deterred other rescue groups, the shelter, MRFRS, took him in and provided him with the necessary care for several months until he was ready for adoption.

While receiving the medical attention he needed, Frisbee captured the hearts of the shelter workers with his wonderful personality. They described him as an “alpha cat” – confident and likely to get along well with other feline friends.

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When Donna Atkins decided it was time to expand her furry family, she found Frisbee’s profile on an adoption website. Intrigued by his story and confident personality, Donna knew she had to make the journey to Salisbury to meet him. It was love at first sight, and Frisbee, now known as Buffy Boy, quickly became part of the family.

Donna had a feeling that Frisbee would be the perfect companion for her cat, Baby Cat. After some introductions and lots of cuddles, it was clear that Frisbee and Baby Cat had formed a special bond.

Now, Donna loves sharing photos of her two happy pets, showcasing the strong connection they’ve developed after giving Frisbee a second chance at a loving home.

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The Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society happily observed the remarkable journey of Frisbee as he thrived in his new loving home. His story serves as a beautiful example that neglected animals can still find joy and love, thanks to the dedication of shelters and compassionate individuals like Donna.

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