Asset Division in Pique and Shakira’s Turbulent Love Story

Center-back Gerard Pique and singer Shakira have to divide an estimated half a billion dollars of shared assets following the announcement of the end of their 12-year relationship.

Shakira và Pique dứt tình, chính thức đường ai nấy đi vì 'tiểu tam' 20 tuổi

According to Celebrity Net Worth, a website specialized in publishing estimates of the total wealth and financial activities of celebrities, Shakira has accumulated a fortune of nearly $320 million, compared to Pique’s $85 million.

Since the couple was not married, their total assets will not be affected, including those acquired before their relationship began in 2010. Among these assets, the Colombian singer owns a $14 million mansion in Miami, while the Spanish defender has a three-story house in the center of Barcelona worth nearly $5 million.

Pique đón sinh nhật bên bồ trẻ, Shakira hoãn trả thù

The issue to be resolved will be the joint capital or shared assets held in both Pique’s and Shakira’s names. They will have to reach an agreement on how to divide them. According to Spanish newspaper Marca, the couple purchased a house together in 2012 in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, worth nearly $5 million. In 2015, they also bought an apartment near Camp Nou for around $5.3 million. These are the rare assets that Pique and Shakira will have to split.

Additionally, they will need to come to an agreement on the custody of their two children, Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old). According to Informalia, Pique and Shakira have hired legal experts to handle the paperwork.

Gerard Piqué và Shakira cùng những vụ chia tay gây sốc nhất năm | Báo Dân  trí

On June 4th, Pique and Shakira publicly announced the end of their 12-year relationship. Prior to that, the Barcelona defender was rumored to have an affair with a 20-year-old student, which Shakira allegedly caught him in the act. Moreover, Pique frequently attended late-night parties, enjoying himself with friends and unfamiliar women at nightclubs like Bling Bling and Patron, often returning home at 2-3 am.

Shakira đã sinh quý tử

According to El Periodico, a Barcelona-based morning newspaper, Pique and Shakira both traveled to the Czech Republic last weekend to watch their son Milan participate in an international baseball tournament for U10 players. Although they didn’t go together, they were both present at the event. El Periodico emphasized that the relationship between Pique and Shakira is still tense, but they are trying to maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of their two children.

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