“Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on the Set of ‘Murder Mystery 2′”

While shooting scenes for the upcoming Netflix flick “Murder Mystery 2”, Jennifer Aniston was seen rocking a beautiful floral outfit on set. The actress is starring alongside Adam Sandler and the two stars were spotted enjoying the Hawaiian sun as they filmed a beach scene. Exciting times!

Aniston donned a beautiful floral kimono on top of her white dress as she had a friendly conversation with Sandler, who was dressed in a relaxed manner with a red striped t-shirt and shorts. Two other men were present during their meeting, one in a soldier’s uniform and the other in a scuba outfit. It was revealed in September that a sequel to the 2019 film will be made. The first movie followed the story of a married couple portrayed by Aniston and Sandler, who embarked on a long-awaited Euro-trip. However, their vacation took a dark turn when they accepted an invitation from

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