Jennifer Aniston shares the scariest thing she’s ever done.

Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers

Photo: Courtesy Photo

After years of acting it may surprise you what Jennifer Aniston says is the scariest thing she’s ever done, and it involves taking her clothes off. As stripper-turned-faux mother Rose in the 2013 comedy We’re the Millers, even the seasoned movie vet wasn’t immune to some stage fright on set—particularly during the striptease scene.

“I think it’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life,” Aniston shared at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. “People actually said, ‘What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?’ And I can say, honestly, it’s the striptease. It was really frightening.”

Aside from the difficulty of learning the moves, the star revealed that what really spooked her was the number of people watching her perform the scene. “Just training with this extraordinary choreographer for two months was hard,” she say. “But nothing takes away from the fact that you’re just out there on a sound stage with 150 crew members and three cameras while you’re dancing, wearing mom jeans and mom shoes, trying to make that all work and do the choreography. It was quite some three days.”

And, the actress revealed that she is all about doing it herself: “As far as those types of scenes go, it has to be me! But of course, I was never fully nude, never full-on,” Aniston said. “I had a body double for the end of the striptease, when I had to run out into the street and get onto the bus. There was a whole wall of paparazzis near the set, and I didn’t want them to snap those photos.”

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