Jennifer Aniston’s secret to staying young despite being 54 years old

Jennifer Aniston maintains her youthful glow and energy at the age of 54 through a combination of healthy habits and skincare routines. Here are her top secrets to looking radiant and vibrant.

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Starting the day with celery juice

Jennifer Aniston begins her mornings with a glass of diluted celery juice mixed with a splash of apple cider vinegar. This concoction helps regulate her blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Afterward, she spends 30 minutes in meditation before having breakfast.

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Simplified skincare regimen

In an interview, Aniston revealed that her daily skincare routine consists of a facial cleanser and moisturizer with sunscreen. Before leaving the house, she applies a high SPF sunscreen to protect her skin. To complete the regimen, she adds a touch of concealer and lip balm for a fresh appearance.

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Balanced diet

Aniston follows an intermittent fasting 16:8 schedule—fasting for 16 hours and eating within an 8-hour window. Her typical breakfast includes a protein shake with berries, leafy greens, and sweet grass. For other meals, she focuses on protein-rich foods, low in fat, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins like fish.

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Adequate hydration

Aniston believes that staying properly hydrated is as important as having a balanced diet. She always carries a water bottle with her to ensure her body receives enough water throughout the day.

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Regular exercise

Jennifer Aniston exercises five days a week, engaging in various activities such as yoga and pilates. She enjoys combining different workouts with varying intensity levels to maintain a balanced physique. “I feel truly beautiful after completing a great workout,” she said in an interview.

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Collagen supplementation

Aniston supports internal nourishment by supplementing with collagen daily. She notices the difference in her skin, hair, and nails when they are properly cared for from the inside out.

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Through a healthy lifestyle, the American actress maintains her vitality, dynamism, and a balanced physique in her fifties. Vogue magazine (October 2019) described Jennifer Aniston as someone whose “hair has been copied more than any other, and whose diet – The Zone – has caused a trend in itself, and who introduced yoga to the middle classes of America. All her beauty moves are logged, analysed, and disseminated by a huge following.”

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Jennifer Aniston, born in 1969, is a renowned American actress. Following the success of the TV series Friends, she became an A-list Hollywood star and transitioned into film roles. She achieved success in romantic comedies such as The Break-Up (2006), Marley & Me (2008), and Just Go With It (2011). In 2019, she returned to television with the series The Morning Show and received a Golden Globe Award.

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