Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Face Outfit Backlash After Super Bowl Performance

According to the New York Post, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly condemned Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for their revealing costumes during the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show.

On her podcast, Megyn Kelly discussed the issue of women embracing their bodies, but she believed that the performance costumes of the two music stars were not appropriate for television. She stated, “I object to J.Lo and Shakira showing off their bodies at the Super Bowl. But I don’t really object to women celebrating their bodies, it just has to be contextually appropriate.”

Trang phục hở bạo của Jennifer Lopez và Shakira bị chê - 1Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly criticized Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s performance at Super Bowl 2020 (Image: Getty Images).

Trang phục hở bạo của Jennifer Lopez và Shakira bị chê - 2

Shakira’s outfit at the Super Bowl 2020 program (Photo: Today).

Trang phục hở bạo của Jennifer Lopez và Shakira bị chê - 3

Jennifer Lopez’s outfit at Super Bowl 2020 (Image: Getty Images).

Kelly’s viewpoint received support from some viewers of Super Bowl LIV, which took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, on February 2, 2020. Many parents felt that the performances of the two artists were not suitable for the audience, especially children, due to their sexy dance routines and provocative attire.

Earlier, in a documentary film titled “Halftime,” Jennifer Lopez herself admitted that the joint performance with Shakira was the “worst idea in the world.” The main reason was that the allotted time for both artists was too short.

During the halftime break, Jennifer Lopez had a direct meeting with the program’s executive director. She tried to suppress her anger to continue cooperating with her colleague.
Trang phục hở bạo của Jennifer Lopez và Shakira bị chê - 4

The Super Bowl 2020 halftime show received praise from the media, but Jennifer Lopez considered it a “terrible performance idea” (Photo: Getty Images).

I know that the organizers of the Super Bowl wanted us to have a continuous connection throughout the program. I tried to do that,” the singer said in the documentary film.

Also in the documentary, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, Bobby Median, further explained the disappointment with the Super Bowl 2020 performance. Normally, the Super Bowl would have only one artist performing, and this artist could choose to have additional guests or not. The fact that the NFL “needed two artists to do the job of one normal artist is an insult.”

Trang phục hở bạo của Jennifer Lopez và Shakira bị chê - 5

Jennifer Lopez stated that she did not have any ill feelings towards Shakira for performing at the Super Bowl 2020, but she was not satisfied with the organization’s arrangements (Photo: Getty Images).

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the most anticipated music events of the year, with many grand performances. In fact, it is a music event that takes place during the mid-game of the Super Bowl, the championship game of American football, and it always attracts global attention. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance in this show garnered over 250 million views on the program’s official YouTube channel.

In her documentary film, Jennifer revealed that she had no animosity or opposition towards her co-performer Shakira, but she was not pleased with the performance two years ago and the organization’s arrangements. “If we were the two main artists, they should have given us 20 minutes. That’s what they should have done,” Jennifer emphasized.

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