Jennifer López’s Unexpected Praise for Shakira in an Interview with a Renowned Medium

The extensive journey that she made on the big screen and the most important stages in the world of entertainment, made her stand out among millions of people, who are aware of her projects and personal details. Several fans usually enjoy the appearances and interviews that the celebrity carries out, highlighting her answers and stories.

Recently, Jennifer López, known in international entertainment as JLo, gave an interview to Vogue México magazine and talked about her career in the industry, commenting on the role of Latinos in different projects and fields. The artist was clear about the strength of this culture in the United States, filling unimaginable spaces.

The medium took advantage of and recalled the Latino roots that the celebrity carries, since she is the daughter of David López, a computer engineer, and Guadalupe Rodríguez, a preschool teacher, who had all the blood of Puerto Rico. There she talked about the star’s growth in acting and music, leaving her mark with her style and talent.

Jennifer López was clear that the Latino community had an important and different role, being solid in economic and cultural terms. “There are more spaces to show who we are and do different things. I love that the Latino community is seen as an economically strong community that people want to attend to, see and hear,” she said in that space.

In this space of the talk with the medium, it was she when she gave an unexpected compliment to Shakira, highlighting the work and the impact that she generated in the international industry with her Latin roots. The singer commented on the power with which the artists broke into the English market, demonstrating a bit of her professional flavor and imprint.

“I remember when I started, it was me and then Ricky Martin and Shakira, breaking into the English market, and what a great thing that was! He gave us a lot of exposure, that lives on until today, ”she stated in the dialogue.

“Seeing and hearing that music in Spanish is a global success is exciting. I think we are in a very good moment,” she added.

The Vogue México article pointed out the impact of Jennifer López on acting, recalling her role as Selena Quintanilla. She catapulted herself there and completely changed the Latin label, standing out in another way and with a unique touch.

Some time ago, users of social networks revived the controversial statements that Jennifer López gave at the time after her presentation with Shakira. The artist spoke at the premiere of her Halftime documentary about her experience at the sporting event, explaining the reasons why she considered her to have been the “worst idea in the world.”

According to what was known at the time of her, the actress also did not see the fact of sharing the stage with another high-caliber artist as very positive, since time was short and ideas did not flow in the same way. The international celebrity pointed out that the minutes were scarce and a career as broad as the one they built should be summed up quite a bit.

“For two people to perform in the Super Bowl is the worst idea in the world,” she said when asked about this show.

In the same way, the famous she mentioned that these unions did not allow the singers to shine and everything was concentrated in a fleeting moment.

“We have six minutes: 30 seconds of a song, and if we take one minute, that’s it, we have five left. We have to have our moment. It’s not going to be a fucking dance revue. Two people performing at the Super Bowl is the worst idea in the world and it was,” she said in the documentary, where she also spoke of the excitement surrounding the performance.

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