Miley Cyrus transforms into a bad girl in a purple outfit with purple hair

Miley Cyrus, the versatile and ever-evolving artist, has once again undergone a striking transformation, this time embracing a “bad girl” persona with a bold and edgy look. Clad in a vibrant purple outfit and sporting matching purple hair, Miley’s style shift is a reflection of her fearless exploration of fashion and self-expression.
We see you!: That tattoo makes it a positive ID that Miley was indeed in the same car as the object of her Halloween affection

Halloween hookup: Miley Cyrus (left) was spotted kissing Benji Madden (right) at Bootsy Bellows on Thursday, MailOnline can exclusively reveal

Underage: Miley does not turn 21, which is the legal drinking age, until later this month

Hiding the wrong thing: The 20-year-old star covered up her face but not the bottle as they left the club

That's not lemonade: In California you have ti be be 21-years-old to drink and buy alcohol

Carrying on the party?: Miley was photographed leaving the event with Benji Madden and holding what looked like a bottle of alcohol, in photographs that emerged on Sunday

Partying together: Adam Lambert has been accused of passing Miley Cyrus a joint at his Halloween bash held at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood on Thursday

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