Navigating the Tempest: Pique and Shakira Find Serenity Amidst Conflict

Sources in Spain said that former center-back Gerard Pique and singer Shakira were no longer arguing and fighting like the first time they broke up.

The Vanitatis newspaper quoted people close to the couple as saying that after a tumultuous year, Pique and Shakira have reached the stage of peace while working out the agreements in the best way for the two of them. “They’re following through with their letter of separation commitment, without any more arguments or issues,” said people close to Shakira. Pique’s friends and relatives also agree with this sharing.

The once talented couple maintained their own lives and shared the care of two babies Milan and Sasha. There are no more arguments, arguments or tension like when they first broke up, the source in Spain added. Last summer, Pique and Shakira broke up in noise when the former Barca star was rumored to have an affair, and the Colombian singer also attracted attention with a series of songs about the past love story. Between the two is said to have an underground war .


Shakira now has a “positive and cheerful attitude”, enjoys her new life and doesn’t care what others say despite dating rumors with racing driver Lewis Hamilton. For his part, Pique is increasingly attached to his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. This summer, the former Barca star and fellow beauty moved back to live in Pique’s house in Cabrils while the apartment in the center of Barcelona was being repaired. AS reports that Pique and Clara have just moved to Miami, USA, to spend time with Milan and Sasha before the two children start the new school year on August 21.

In the Mamarazzis podcast, journalists Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa said Shakira was annoyed when ex-girlfriend Gerard Pique “didn’t spend as much free time as possible to spend with the children on vacation”. The Colombian singer wants Pique and her children to rest in a place convenient for them, preferably in Miami. The source said that the star couple has regained their composure, but the relationship is not completely smooth.

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