Shakira Pokes Fun at Her Worst Outfits Including Looking Like a ‘Body-Wrapped Tamale’ and Xena

Shakira is taking a look back.

The 44-year-old singer takes viewers on a journey through her best and worst looks throughout her career in Vogue México y Latinoamérica‘s “My Life in Looks” released on Tuesday. Shakira kept things candid and even poked fun at her looking like a “body-wrapped tamale” and Xena the Warrior Princess.

“Here, ew. This dress…I look like a badly wrapped tamale,” Shakira joked in Spanish. “So next.”

The outfit in question was an animal print dress with a gold metallic belt that she wore to the AFI FEST 2007 closing night gala screening of Love In The Time Of Cholera.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

She also laughed at looking like Xena at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. “What am I wearing? A top covered in feathers and a tiara and some leather pants that I think I had made myself. I designed them.”

“Sometimes I design my own things to get myself out of a tight spot,” she noted. “When I can’t find what I want, it’s down to me…I don’t know what I was thinking there, but I’d just done the video for ‘Whenever, Wherever,’ the video for ‘Suerte.’ At the time I was enjoying, I was experimenting with earthy tones.”

Evan Agostini/ImageDirect.

Shakira also couldn’t help but call out her mother-in-law for giving her some bad style advice. The photo in question was in January 2012, when she was honored by the French Ministry of Culture. While she loved her Alaïa dress, she hated her haircut.

“Oh how terrible! That’s a really bad haircut,” she expressed. “I took advice from my mother-in-law. She said, ‘Ay, why don’t you cut your hair? It’s really damaged.’ Worst mistake of my life. Mother-in-law, I’m not taking cosmetics advice from you again.”

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