Singer Shakira recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she shared her love for music and how it affects her. She admitted that she can’t resist moving to a good song and experiences physical reactions if the music is exceptional, feeling small contractions from her tailbone to her iliac bone. Shakira’s love for music has always been evident in her performances, and her revelation on the show only reinforced her passion for it. Gonzalo Julián Conde accompanied her during the show. The conversation between Shakira and Fallon garnered reactions from fans, showcasing the singer’s impact and influence on music enthusiasts globally.

During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Shakira was heard saying, “I usually have this visceral, sort of physical reaction to music. And if you see me, you know, two-stepping, things are not right. You know yeah. I know when a song works because then I suddenly start moving, like getting these small contractions from my tailbone to my iliac bone, and then it just results into, you know, hip movements.” To which Jimmy said, “Are you telling me that your hips don’t lie?” Then, she responded, “Yeah. I don’t want to go there.” Audience erupted in laughter and clapped.

In the end, Jimmy was head saying, “This is the best thing ever happened to me. This is the greatest. I can retire now. This is all I wanted to know, is if, really, if your hips do lie, or don’t lie to you. You are actually telling us!” She said, “They do not lie. And I know when a song is right when they start to move. ”


Reacting to the clip, one of her fans commented, “I can see what she means about Depeche Mode. Shakira is a true artist and I enjoyed the interactions she had with bzrp throughout the interview. She’s very humble.” Another fan wrote, “I’ve always loved Shakira, but the fact that she brought up Depeche Mode ?? QUEEN!!!” Other fan commented, “Shakira is such a great Artist but also great human , great mother , great woman !! She is beautiful inside and out !! She has it all !” “Hahaha truth! Our body or sixth sense never lies us”, added one. “Hahahaha her hips don’t lie”, wrote other.