Shakira’s Dark Times: A Challenging Period

After parting ways with footballer Gerard Pique, singer Shakira described feeling like she was drowning, struggling in the midst of a turbulent sea. 

In an interview with Elle magazine, Shakira referred to her current phase as the “darkest hours” of her life. The pop star recently ended her 11-year relationship with Pique, and the two are still working out the details of co-parenting their sons, Milan (nine years old) and Sasha (seven years old). Shakira is also facing allegations of tax evasion from the Spanish government, with a potential sentence of eight years in prison if convicted.

Shakira revealed that she had tried her best to nurture her family, which made the collapse of everything even more devastating for her.

In her song “Te Felicito” (I Congratulate You) released in April, she wrote, “To help complete you, I shattered into pieces. I was warned but chose to ignore it all. Don’t say you’re sorry! I understand you and know you’re lying.” Shakira did not disclose the underlying meaning behind the lyrics. When asked about the inspiration behind “Te Felicito,” she explained that her songs always stem from her personal experiences. Those events unintentionally influence and shape her artistic creations.

Shakira (born in 1977) and Pique (born in 1987) met in the spring of 2010 while the pop star was filming the music video for “Waka Waka” – the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. They publicly confirmed their relationship a year later. In their 11 years together, they had two sons but never married.

During the middle of the year, Spanish media unexpectedly reported suspicions of Pique’s infidelity, as he was frequently seen partying at nightclubs in Barcelona. Meanwhile, Shakira moved back to their old apartment in Muntaner. In early June, the couple confirmed their separation through a joint statement to the media: “For the sake of our children, who are our top priority at this time, we kindly request that you respect our privacy. Thank you for your understanding!”

Their relationship fell apart as both of them were dedicated to their individual careers. Shakira felt that she was the only one making sacrifices to nurture the family, leading to growing conflicts. In late 2014, the Colombian singer decided to move to Spain to support her partner. “One of us had to make an effort and sacrifice, and I accepted that role. I put my music career as a secondary priority and moved to Spain to support his football and accomplishments. It was a sacrifice for love,” said Shakira.

The singer’s emotional state further deteriorated when her father suffered a recent brain surgery due to an accident. He came to Spain to console his daughter after hearing about her separation from Pique. However, her father fell, resulting in subdural hematoma. A week later, he had another fall, fracturing his facial bones.

In addition to her personal struggles, Shakira is currently facing legal issues with the Spanish authorities regarding allegations of evading taxes on an income of $13.9 million. On September 27th, a court in Barcelona issued a summons, but a trial date has not been set. Shakira has rejected the plea agreement proposed by prosecutors and wants to go to court to confront the accusations. She stated, “I am confident that I have enough evidence to prove my innocence, and justice will be on my side.”

Family and music provide Shakira with the motivation to rise above challenging times. In early September, she returned to Colombia to celebrate her father’s 91st birthday. She sang a bolero song and was elated to see him dancing despite his recent injuries. “My father is my hero, an example of resilience and intelligence. The past year has been difficult for him. However, he still dances and tries to sing along when he hears music. I realize the power of music. The work of singing may not be as noble as that of a doctor or a soldier on the battlefield. Nevertheless, it can connect people with life,” Shakira told Elle.

The owner of the hit song “Hips Don’t Lie” sees making music as a form of therapy. Shakira is preparing to release her 12th album, the latest addition to her discography since “El Dorado” in 2017. She said, “Music has a healing effect. I think it is the best medicine, along with the love from family and children. It’s like a piece of driftwood in the ocean that we hold onto to avoid drowning. I feel reborn after each period of focusing on writing music.”

Shakira’s current focus is to protect her children to the best of her ability. She is not thinking about finding new love, despite knowing that Pique is exploring other relationships. After an 11-year relationship, she believes that women can still be happy without a man by their side. “My entire previous life was intertwined with romantic relationships. I think the ideal state is to have pairs. But for now, I only need my children, family, and close friends who constantly check on me.

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