The Pitiful Pup’s Matted Mess: A Vet’s Challenge to Uncover His Eyes

The Poor Dog Was So Badly Matted That The Vet Couldn’t Even Tell If He Had Two Eyes

Animal Angels Rescue Foundation (AARF), a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing animals in need, recently received a distress call about a stray dog with severely matted fur roaming the streets of Las Vegas. The rescuers were shocked by the terrible condition of the poor pup, describing it as the most neglected case they had ever seen. The matted fur was so thick that they couldn’t even determine the dog’s gender, so they decided to give it a gender-neutral name – Blythe. Blythe had clearly been on its own for a long time, as evidenced by the dirty, tangled mess covering its small body. The sight was truly heart-wrenching. The transformation that followed was nothing short of remarkable.

dog with long fur

The team at AARF sprang into action to assist this adorable dog, despite being deeply saddened by the condition they found it in. It was heartbreaking to see such cruelty inflicted upon an innocent animal. Despite the suffering it had endured, Blythe now has a chance for a fresh start thanks to the dedicated rescue team. They quickly rescued Blythe from the street and rushed it to the veterinarian for immediate care.

dog with long fur on a leash

From the Animal Angels Rescue Foundation, it was mentioned that the vet was uncertain if the little pup even had two eyes hidden under all the tangled fur. After a much-needed shave, bath, and nail trim, Blythe finally revealed his true self as a boy. The transformation was astounding, and now he looks like a whole new dog.

shaved dog in a car

After getting rid of the heavy mats, the dog felt instantly relieved, but the vet found out that he had multiple health problems. Enduring life on the streets had greatly affected the little dog’s well-being. Blythe was extremely dehydrated, undernourished, and constantly scratching. His skin was damaged and infected from being stuck in urine, and his back teeth were ruined from chewing on stones and rocks.

happy little dog

After receiving the necessary care, Blythe’s smile lit up once again. This charming and joyful pup captured the hearts of everyone he met. The vet estimated his age to be around two years old, possibly even younger, and speculated that he may have been used for breeding. Initially mistaken for a white Shih Tzu, a closer look revealed that Blythe was likely a mix of Poodle and Terrier. Despite feeling scared and uncertain at the vet’s office, Blythe found comfort in his foster home surrounded by other dogs and children, showcasing a permanent smile on his face. The Nevada rescue organization couldn’t help but share their delight in his transformation, noting that Blythe was now a content and happy pup, safe from ever having to endure life outdoors again.

little happy dog in a car

The next step in Blythe’s journey involved getting him neutered and undergoing extensive dental surgery at Park Animal Hospital. The dental procedure was quite challenging, with 11 back teeth having to be removed due to exposed roots. The poor guy’s teeth were in bad shape due to whatever he had been eating to survive. Currently, Blythe is recovering in his foster home and is expected to be completely pain-free soon. Reegan Tabor, a member of the Animal Angels Rescue Foundation, expressed optimism, saying, “If he could endure what he has gone through for who knows how long, then this will be a breeze for him.” Once he has had some time to adjust and relax, the hope is that Blythe will be ready to find his forever home where he will be safe, loved, and happy for the rest of his days.

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