The Tenacious Mother Cat: A Near Escape for the Rescue Team

This Mother Cat Was So Protective That The Rescue Team Barely Made It Out Alive

When Jania received the urgent call for a cat rescue operation, little did she know she was about to encounter a fiercely defensive feral cat mother. This mama cat was so fiercely protective of her kittens that Jania and her rescue crew barely made it out in one piece. Want to hear the whole wild tale? Keep reading below!

mother cat laying down

Jania and her dedicated team at Cats of San Bernardino have been on a mission to rescue felines in need within the sunny city of California for over five years now. Despite encountering a variety of cats, ranging from timid to outright feisty, Creekside stood out as a unique challenge. Described by Jania as “the fiercest feral” she had ever encountered, Creekside, a mother of five kittens, proved to be quite elusive. Initially spotted in a raised flower bed with her litter, Creekside quickly dashed under a car upon seeing the rescuers. Understanding the urgency of the situation, the team swiftly gathered the newborn kittens, making sure not to leave behind the protective mama cat, who was determined to keep her babies safe.

aggressive mother cat

Thankfully, Creekside, a caring mother cat, was quickly reunited with her kittens thanks to the efforts of Jania, a skilled cat trapper. Jania’s clever plan involved setting up a drop trap and placing one of the kittens inside to lure Creekside in. Initially hesitant, Creekside eventually entered the trap and was successfully captured, leading to a heartwarming reunion with her beloved little ones.

angry cat in cage

The following day, Jania brought Creekside together with her kittens once again. Not realizing how protective the mother cat was, Jania got closer to film a quick video of the adorable family. As she carefully opened their enclosure, Creekside unexpectedly swatted the phone out of her hands. Check out the unexpected reaction!

Can you believe it? Jania and her team had to get pretty inventive, using kitchen tools to handle the energetic Creekside kittens safely. Jania explained, “Creekside was so lively that we had to use a large ladle to scoop them up, weigh them, check on their well-being, and then return them to their mother.” Unfortunately, not all of the kittens made it, but Pebbles and Fern, the surviving pair, ended up being some of the most affectionate cats the San Bernardino team had ever rescued. When they were ready, these two cuties were sent off to foster homes.

two cute kittens

Despite Jania’s efforts, Creekside stayed aloof and distant, showing signs that she needed more time to get comfortable with humans. Jania made the decision to let her remain as one of their feral tenants. As time passed, Creekside started to reveal a softer side, particularly when she spent time in the catio socializing with other new feline residents.

Now that Creekside has become a fixture in Jania’s rescue team, she has taken on the important task of greeting and comforting new arrivals. It’s really heartening, don’t you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to share below.

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