15+ Sexy and Hot Shakira PHotos

Shakira blesses humanity with H๏t on-stage performances, as well as songs that defines herself as an artist. You might have known her for her iconic tracks like Whenever, Wherever, and Waka Waka. Below, we have an eye catching gallery of the best Sexy and H๏t Shakira Pictures. Don’t miss it!

Barranquilla, Colombia, is Shakira’s hometown and birthplace. She was raisedaone, without any siblings or cousins around her. Her poetic nature came to life when she was still at the early age of 4. Starting there, she made progress in her works, and what was poems turned eventually into structured songs.

Her love for singing and writing only intensified when she gain exposure to many factors, including school performances and activities. However, when she was in her 2nd grade, she applied as a singer for the school choir but got rejected.

Monica Ariza is responsible for Shakira’s discovery and now a successful career. She later got accepted in Sony Music Columbia after a successful audition.

Shakira’s debut studio album, Magia, was released when she was 13. At her young age, her tracks performed well in terms of radio play, although the records physical copy sales didn’t thrive well.

After her first album, she suffered several disappointments in her projects, so she decided to take a break. In 1996, Shakira released Pies Descalzos, a comeback and a move that says she’s willing to go big in music.

The album is Shakira’s breakthrough and a ticket for the international scene. She also got the Album of the Year Award for Pies Descalzos from Billboard Latin Music Awards.

A follow-up album she made is called Dónde Están Los Ladrones? It performed even better than her recent ones, who helped Shakira establish a trustworthy name in the international market.

Her iconic track “Whenever, Wherever,” was her first single release for her English studio album. It helped her gain more attention as it topped music charts in different countries.

After a long wait, in 2001, Laundry Service was released, her debut English studio album. It received criticisms, but the record stood firm and gained the title as the best selling album in the year of its release.

In 10 years, Shakira released many singles and albums, which are well-received by her fans and ordinary listeners. Her success continued, releasing more tracks and performances that will reach anywhere around the world. The 2010 FIFA World Cup theme song, Waka Waka, is a massive hit.

That same year, Sale el Sol, her ninth studio album, was released, which isn’t just a commercial success but also thrived well in the eyes of critics and reviewers.

After her album release, she continued working on many albums and performed on many world tours. She also performed with Jennifer Lopez in the 2020 Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

Shakira’s Sexy body is the catalyst for her performances, along with her alluring voice. Aging isn’t also something that’s bothering her. Some of her features, including her perfectly tanned boobs, are still in great shape. Admire Shakira in these pH๏tos that we compiled, and see high-quality ass pictures and full-body sH๏ts.

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