A Fashion Chronicle of Taylor Swift’s ‘Taylor’s Version’ Eras ‎

Taylor Swift has been serving us some amazing fashion moments in under a year. From her Fearless (Taylor’s Version) to Red (Taylor’s Version) mini eras, and even teasing a few looks from her upcoming 1989 (Taylor’s Version) mini era. It’s impressive to witness such an incredible style evolution in such a short amount of time. Who else can deliver such a dynamic fashion sense?



Taylor Swift’s latest release, Red (Taylor’s Version), has brought about a noticeable change in her style from the original Red era. Despite still incorporating red into her outfits, Taylor has adopted a subtler approach. Her fashion choices have matured, reflecting her own personal growth and development.


Taylor Swift’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version) outfits also reflect a more subdued and refined style compared to her original Fearless era. While her previous outfits were characterized by excessive glitter and glam, this year’s looks have a more feminine yet toned-down vibe.

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