Electric Performances: Miley Cyrus Jams with Billy Idol and Joan Jett at TikTok Tailgate Pregame Show during Super Bowl

Miley Cyrus showcased her edgy rockstar persona at the TikTok Tailgate event before Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida. The 28-year-old musician took center stage and captivated a crowd composed of healthcare workers who have received their COVID-19 vaccinations. Miley was joined by two music legends, Billy Idol and Joan Jett, who shared the stage with her for the performance. The singer looked stunning in a cheerleader outfit that had a vinyl texture and featured metallic fuchsia detailing and zippers. She wowed the audience by delivering some of her most popular and recent tracks with her signature energy and charm.


Rebel yell! Miley Cyrus showcased her rock n' roll rebel persona on Sunday afternoon as she headlined the TikTok Tailgate pregame show at Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida


At the TikTok Tailgate pregame show for Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida, Miley Cyrus channeled her rock n’ roll vibe with a daring outfit. She rocked a crop top with criss-cross straps, featuring bold fuchsia lettering that read ‘FTW’, paired with a pleated mini skirt. To complete her edgy look, Miley donned matching knee pads and black platform boots with silver buckle details. She accessorized with chainlink bracelets that complemented the rivets on her uniform and antique rings on her fingers. Miley’s new bleach blonde mullet hairstyle perfectly matched her natural waves, highlighting her beautiful ice blue eyes with charcoal-toned eyeshadow.


Special guests: The 28-year-old singer, who performed for a crowd of vaccinated health care workers, was joined on stage by music icons Billy Idol and Joan Jett during her set

The young singer wowed the crowd of vaccinated healthcare workers with her performance, which included special appearances by music legends Billy Idol and Joan Jett. In the weeks leading up to the event, the We Can’t Stop singer hit the gym to prepare for her show-stopping set. Her hard work paid off, as evidenced by her toned 5’5″ frame. Miley is known for making a grand entrance, and she did not disappoint this time, arriving on stage riding a patriotic-themed motorcycle. The stage was decked out with an intricately designed backdrop featuring a large photo collage of her iconic moments, reflective glitter, and plenty of bedazzled props.

Grand entrance: Never one to miss an opportunity to make a grand entrance, Miley road out on stage atop a patriotic-themed motorcycle

Miley Cyrus is renowned for her grand entrances and once again, she lived up to the hype in her recent performance. She left a lasting impression as she made her way on stage on a motorcycle embellished with patriotic ornaments.

Rock on! Flashing 'Rock On!' hand signals at the crowd, Miley hopped off her motorbike and jumped right into her performance

Don’t hold back! With the audience cheering her on, Miley eagerly flashed the ‘Rock On!’ sign and hopped off her motorcycle to jump right into her thrilling show.

Energetic: Cyrus was clearly feeling the energy emitted by the vaccinated frontline workers crowded around the stage, who enthusiastically cheered her on as she delivered jaw-dropping vocals with each song


Cyrus exuded a lively energy that reflected the electric ambiance created by the vaccinated frontline workers gatheredaound her on stage. Their enthusiastic cheers served as fuel for her, allowing her to deliver each song with striking vocal prowess. Positioned beside the talented Plastic Hearts artist’s drummer was a transparent sphere filled with a mixture of colorful gum balls. With a show of ‘Rock On!’ hand gestures directed towards the audience, Miley jumped off her motorbike and dived straight into her performance. It was clear from the wide grin plastered on her face that Cyrus was ecstatic to perform alongside her musical idols and collaborators, Billy Idol and Joan Jett.

Peppy! Cyrus belted out the lyrics to some of her latest and greatest hits in a skimpy, vinyl cheerleading uniform, complete with zipper detailing and metallic fuchsia accents

Cyrus was feeling cheerful and couldn’t help singing along to her latest and most well-liked tunes. Her outfit was a sexy cheerleading costume, made of glossy vinyl material with pink accents and zippers.

All in the details: The peppy get-up consisted of a crop top with criss-cross straps that had 'FTW' plastered across the front of it in bold, sparkly fuchsia lettering, as well as pleated mini skirt

Every detail matters: The lively outfit consisted of a cropped top decorated with criss-cross straps andaorned with the acronym ‘FTW’ in striking fuchsia sequins on the front. The mini-skirt that complements the top is pleated to add more style and vibrancy.

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