Jennifer Aniston: After-Party Perfection


Jennifer Aniston makes a quick clothing change and heads back out on the town to The Bounty Hunter after-party held at New York City hotspot Tao on Tuesday.


At the premiere, the 41-year-old actress admitted what she often has trouble with while driving. “I would say stop signs. Stoplights,” Jen said. “Let’s face it. I’m not a very good driver.” She adds, “As my friends breathe a sigh of relief and go, ‘Finally she admits it!’


As for Gerard‘s car accidents, he told USA Today, “I’m the wrong person to answer that. I’ve had a few.

When I was a drunken law student or when I was traveling the world, I was a little crazy.

Mostly stupid stuff.” Did he ever spend the night in jail? “No. Yeah. No. I’ll keep you guessing on that.”

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