Jennifer Aniston Has Been Wearing This One Accessory For Decades ‎

Contrary to what certain tabloids want us to believe, Jennifer Aniston isn’t living in the past. She’s back to ruling our screens with Apple TV’s The Morning Show, has set records on Instagram, and even seems to be on friendly terms with most of her exes. But one thing that that hasn’t really changed about the actress over the years? Her style, and, more importantly, her accessories.

Jen has always preferred a simple look — jeans and tees are her bread and butter — but she’ll often spice things up with the addition of a scarf. Sometimes she’ll pair a knotted, blanket-like option with a warm winter coat, or will let a light, breezy something swing at her sides during the summer. Most recently, she completed a casual outfit with a classic printed scarf, which was quite the contrast from a fancy, sheer one she wore to the 2002 Emmy Awards (and yes, it looked good).

It’s possible Jen has compiled quite the impressive collection over the years, but since we’ll probably never get to peek inside her closet (darn), we’ll have to settle for seeing exactly how the star styles her go-to accessory.

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