Kourtney Kardashian gives us a peak at her baby bump and shares her tips on how to survive those first trimester blues!

Kourtney Kardashian is well into her pregnancy, but is sharing some of her first trimester survival tips with her fans.
The 44-year-old reality star, who is expecting a baby boy with her husband, rocker Travis Barker, 47, posted a topless pH๏τo in her Instagram Stories Saturday.

The Kardashians star took a selfie as she stood in her enormous closet wearing a pair of unʙuттoned jeans.

Kourtney covered her breasts with her arms and proudly displayed her belly bump.

The snap provided a link to an article on her Poosh website offering ‘My First Trimester Tips.’

Kourtney Kardashian showcased her baby bump in a topless pH๏τo in her Instagram Stories Saturday as she offered to share her 'First Trimester Tips' with her fans

In the article the influencer, who has already given birth to three children, Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, eight, from her relationship with Scott Disick, 40, shared what helped her during her current pregnancy.

The mother-to-be said that sipping on lemon water helped her ease nausea from morning sickness.


‘Citrus really helped when I was feeling nauseous. I would have ice water with lemon—that saved me,’ she admitted.

‘I would keep it in a big HydroFlask and just have it all day long. I also had a metallic taste in my mouth, which is a common thing in the first trimester, and the lemon water also helped with that.’

She also shared that staying full was a good way for her combat the queasiness, and shared some of the foods she ate, including baked potatoes, bagels, tangerines and lime popsicles.

Kourtney also recommended eating at home as much as possible, promoting the book ‘The Whole Nine Months’ by Dr. Jennifer Lang, which offers a ‘Week-by-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide for a Healthy Start.’

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum advised her gestating followers to avoid radiation as much as possible, offering links to the products she used, including a Belly Blanket.


‘I use this blanket at home when I’m on Zooms, editing episodes, or doing any other work from my computer. Even when I’m just on my phone, I use it’, she said.

Drummer boy: Kourtney, 44, and husband Travis Barker, 47, found out they were having a 'little drummer boy' during an elaborate gender reveal party in late June
Carbs: In an article for Poosh, Kourtney said she got through the first trimester of her pregnancy with help from lemon water to fight the nausea of morning sickness, and healthy carbs such as baked potatoes, bagels and tangerines

She also offered links to stickers designed to reduce radiation from the phone and a EMF Radiation Protection Case.

Kourtney may be acting in an overcautious way. The US Food and Drug Administration reported, ‘the weight of scientific evidence has not linked exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phone use with any health problems at or below the radio frequency exposure limits set by the FCC.’

Kourtney said gentle exercise was important.

‘My doctor would only allow me to walk, so I would walk 30 minutes twice a day,’ she said. The Lemme founder also followed the advice of her lymphatic drainage therapist and elevated her legs for 20 minutes a day.


The Poosh article said Kourtney was grounded from taking flights during her first trimester, but when she does fly or takes a drive for longer than an hour, the star relies on compression socks to reduce swelling.

Self care: Kourtney said she took care of herself by taking 30 minute walks twice a day and keeping her feet elevated for 20 minutes a day. She also relied on compression socks to reduce swelling
Due date: Kourtney and Travis have not announced when the baby is due, but a check of the Blink 182 tour schedule shows the band on the road through October 22, with a big break through the holidays before picking up the tour in February 2024

As for cravings, Kourtney said she was most contented with carbs, and offered a coconut pudding recipe as a must-have dish.

‘I’ve always been obsessed with carbs in the first trimester,’ she admitted.

‘My doctors say, “your baby is like a carb monster at that time, and that’s just what they are craving.” So you can lean into your cravings, but try to make healthier choices with them.’

Kourtney and Travis have not announced when the baby is due, but a check of the Blink 182 tour schedule shows the band on the road through October 22,  with a big break through the holidays.

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