Kourtney Kardashian said she only feels happy when she is not away from her family

It seems Kourtney Kardashian has finally reached her limit, with her saying that she doesn’t need her family anymore.
The famous family are back for season four of their docu-series reality show, The Kardashians, and the drama is back on a whole other level.
Kourtney and her sister Kim Kardashian have been in an ongoing row over the similarities between Kourtney and Travis Barker’s wedding and Kim’s collaboration with designers Dolcé and Gabbana, something that was documented in the last season of the show.

Kourtney is insistent that Kim copied all of the looks from her wedding day and the two have really been providing us with the drama already in this series.
In the first episode of the new series, the sisters can be seen having a heated phone conversation in which Kourtney calls Kim a ‘witch’ and a ‘narcissist’.
Kim denied she ever copied anything from Kourtney and Travis’ wedding, with her saying to her sister: “What is it that you feel so low of me?
“Figure out why you hate me so much and why you’re so angry for me. All of this never happened. I was so happy for you!”

But Kourtney went on to insist that she didn’t need her family anymore, and said: “I don’t need you guys anymore, I don’t need to be a part of it.
“I have a happy life. The happiness comes when I get the f*ck away from you guys. Specifically you.”

The pair seemed to solve their beef at the end of last season and were apparently getting on okay.
But they said that watching the season back in the edits brought the drama up again, after hearing what they had been saying behind each other’s back during the master interviews.

Kim said: “We get mad all over again. It brings up so many feelings.


“What’s harder than living it in real time is watching it back in the edit. It’s not a natural way of living.”
Commenting on the situation, Kourtney, who is expecting a baby boy, said: “I’ve been reminded of this characteristic that’s been in my family for years.
“We say mean things to hurt each other. It’s what I work hard at in therapy to change.
“When I’m reminded of those things, it’s hurtful. Why would my family treat me that way? I want to protect my energy and be around positivity and good vibes.

“Palm Springs with my husband is where it’s at.”
The first episode of season four of The Kardashians can be streamed on Disney+ now.

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