Kourtney Kardashian’s unusual sleeping arrangements Travis Barker had to contend with ‎

Kourtney Kardashian and her husband, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker are one of the most amorous couples out there, frequently engaging in pᴀssional public displays of affection, but behind closed doors, their love life might not be quite as romantic.

While you might imagine the couple, who got married in May 2022, spend every night cuddled up in bed together, the reality is rather different, with Kourtney revealing in October 2022 that her and Scott Disick’s daughter Penelope sleeps in bed with her.

Speaking on an episode of Amanda Hirsch’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Kourtney said of 11-year-old Penelope; “She’s slept with me every day since she was born and pretty much still does, unless she has a friend sleep over.”

Discussing how this impacts her and Travis’ relationship, Kourtney explained at the time that she and her husband were yet to move in together. “I think we’re in the place where we’re figuring out how to blend our households and our kids.

“We’re getting those things in place. We do family dinner every Sunday night with all the kids at his house.


“We want our kids to also feel really comfortable, and they have both lived in their homes their whole lives, for the most part, and they each have their rooms.”

Kourtney hasn’t updated fans on whether her and Travis now live together, one year on, however they do own a joint property now, snapping up Conan O’Brien’s beach house in Carpinteria, California, for $14.5 million last fall.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 2,142-square-foot two-building oceanfront pad is 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, so makes for the perfect escape for the couple.

The Kardashians star is expecting her and Travis’ first baby any day, turning the now Barker-Kardashian blended family of eight into one of nine.

Travis and Kourtney’s baby is set to be a boy, with Travis’ son Landon, 20, sharing his excitement over the impending new arrival. ” I’ve never really had a baby sibling, it’s always been me and my sister, two years apart. But it’s like, it’s cool though because it’d be different if it happened when I kinda needed attention as a kid, I feel like, I’m out of the house, I’m not really like, I don’t need that.”

“It’s sick, I’m super happy for them,” he added, though not before joking: “Kinda wish he was a girl though, I wish I was the only Barker boy.”


Landon’s sister Alabama, 17, also recently opened up about welcoming a new brother. Speaking with E! News at the BeautyCon event in Los Angeles, she said: “I just think having another family member is always awesome,” adding: “Getting to know a new person, it’s gonna be so fun and so exciting!”

We look forward to seeing how the family dynamic changes when the latest little one arrives.

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