Miley Cyrus Elevates the No-Pants Trend with a Unique One-Legged Catsuit ‎

Miley Cyrus Takes the No-Pants Trend to a New Level in a One-Legged Catsuit  - I Know All NewsAs if this week wasn’t full of enough celebratory milestones for Miley Cyrus, the 30-year-old singer announced a special event in partnership with Disney+, “Miley Cyrus — Endless Summer Vacation (Backward Sessions),” wearing a black one-legged vintage Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit that has fans abuzz. Pulled from the archives by Bradley Kenneth, the design has a strapless bodice and reflects her recent ’90s vintage aesthetic that’s included everything from a 1997 Tom Ford for Gucci bright red thongkini to a hooded gold lamé dress from Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall 1991 collection. Cyrus’s promotional pictures also include a sH๏τ of her bra-less in a microcropped cardigan, ʙuттoned at the center of her chest. For both looks, her platinum hair is styled into wet waves with a part at the center.

Every Outfit Miley Cyrus Has Worn During Her 'Endless Summer Vacation' Era  — FemestellaFor Cyrus, each new album seems to mark a new renaissance not only in her music, but also her personal taste. Having turned 30 in November, it seems as though she’s entering a more mature phase highlighted by high octane glamour and rooted in women empowerment. She has, after all, contended with a mᴀssive house fire, divorce from ex Liam Hemsworth, and a global pandemic, all in the span of five years. And both her melodies and lyrics reflect her experience. Just yesterday, Cyrus wore a gold lamé vintage thong bodysuit to celebrate “Flowers” hitting the Billboard H๏τ 100 for six consecutive weeks, also announcing the demo track of the song.

MileyUpdates | Fan Account on X: "miley cyrus performing 'river'" / XHer Disney+ feature will premiere on the streaming channel on March 10 at 1pm EST/10am PST, and the self-produced music-focused performance event will showcase not only “Flowers,” but additional songs from her eighth studio album. There will also be plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews to enjoy. Of course, we expect plenty of catsuits, cutouts, and thong silhouettes intended to bring her bold sense of empowerment into both her wardrobe and her work.

Miley Cyrus Performs “River” at Disney+ Backyard Sessions - pm studio world  wide music news

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