Miley Cyrus is now dressing like art school Crazy Frog

As Cyrus releases new single ‘Used To Be Young’, her style pendulum swings once more, this time opting for a Margiela-clad rendering of the chart-topping amphibian

IMG_6235 (003)And just like that, our favourite southern belle has undergone yet another metamorphosis. Who knew that Miley Cyrus’s life as a rich, biSєxual divorcée, would one day turn into a fashion school femme cosplaying as Crazy Frog? To be honest, we doubt even Miley herself knew, but those are the changing winds of fashion (and the sartorial ennui of a woman whose wardrobe boasts weed-encrusted monokinis, cottagecore prairie frocks, and everything in between).

Her new custom Maison Margiela look came courtesy of a promo for new single “Used To Be Young”, where the pop star can be seen kitted in sequin ruffles, a cyan robe and lime green opera gloves. The look takes cues from Margiela’s most recent Co-Ed collection, one that saw Galliano parade a ragtag bunch of kitchen sink Sallys down the runway in clashing tones and fabrics. It looks like the designer may have been inspired by this particular look from the show, reimagining its bodice for Miley’s pleated gusset creation.But back in January, when Miley was giving ambiSєxual opulence, things were a tiny bit different. The singer and her long-time stylist Bradley Kenneth had been rifling through every archive this side of the moon, bringing out the best of 90s-era Versace and vintage YSL – but so was everyone else in Hollywood. Now, Miley has seen the error of her ways, thrown out the used Gucci panties, and gone full new season (sorry to the environment). Her current Crazy iteration is an art school rendering of the chart-topping amphibian, with its Kurt Cobain headgear and posh girl scowl – but it also signals a shift towards a clutter-coded, jumblecore kind of style, possessed by the spirit of an eccentric geriatric.

I Realise Now How Harshly I Was Judged”: Miley Cyrus On Finding Her Peace –  And Making The Album Of The Summer | British VogueThe move makes total sense: Miley is promoting “Used To Be Young” after all, and at the grand old age of 30 (omg!) it tracks that she’d start shopping like someone who smells of pot-pourri and wears an ᴀssemblage of disparate items from bygone eras.In the video for the new track, Miley saunters into sH๏τ wearing a pair of crystalline Tabi pumps and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, both from Margiela, the t-shirt a knowing wink at her Disney past. “Get the shoe,” Miley intones in her southern drawl as the camera locks onto her Tabi talon in a separate clip. In other promo posters plastered across world cities, the singer is kitted out in a latex underwear set (also from Margiela), directly referencing her decade-old, 2013 VMAs look. If this powerful evidence is anything to go by, Miley is well and truly in her Margiela era, and “Used To Be Young” is the springboard for her current obsession. Is she hankering for an exclusive contract? Has she already got one? Honestly, who knows, but the new era is clearly working for Miley, who manages to slip into each sartorial revolution with veritable ease. Here’s hoping she’ll lean into over-30 living and release a full range of orthopaedic Tabi clogs.

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