Miley Cyrus Loves Her Super Colorful Mirror and Pompom Bag

Like any other 17-year old, Miley Cyrus loves to experiment with her clothes and accessories. But unlike most 17-year olds, Miley can afford to change her entire wardrobe everyday if she wanted to.

Apparently tired of the grungy plaids, blacks, and combat boots she’s been seen wearing for the past few weeks, Miley has now chosen a very colorful patchwork oversized tote as the flavor of the month. She’s been spotted carrying the multi-hued, mirrored, pompom-ed hobo bag to at least 4 different photo ops, all just this March.

When Miley loves something, she’s really obsessed with it.

The bag alone is gaudy, what with the mismatched shades of pink, blues, oranges, reds, and greens. The metallic disc fringe on the front of the bag is already a lot to take in but this bag’s designer didn’t think that was enough and added fluffy pink pompom balls all over it.

Just looking at the bag hurts my eyes but you know what? I think it actually looks good on Miley. This bag would most likely be considered a fashion disaster on other female celebs but with Miley’s bubbly personality and tender age, she pulls off the loud-colored oversized tote perfectly well.

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