Miley Cyrus Sets the Record Straight on Touring Plans: ‘It’s Not a Snub to My Fans’

Miley Cyrus has recently shared a detailed message reaffirming her choice to step back from performing live. Despite the success of her latest record, Endless Summer Vacation, which dropped earlier this year, the pop star revealed in an interview with British Vogue that she does not feel up for another arena tour.


Miley Cyrus' 'Endless Summer Vacation' is split into 'AM and 'PM'


Miley Cyrus recently shared that she doesn’t love singing for large crowds of people, stating that after her last arena show, she began to question whether or not she wants to live her life solely for the pleasure and fulfillment of others. However, this news has caused some division among fans, with many expressing their concerns that Cyrus may never tour again. To clear things up, Cyrus posted a message on Instagram using the Notes app to explain her position.

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