Miley Cyrus Stands Firm on Choosing Rest over Touring: ‘I’m Not Up for Sleeping on a Bus’

After the announcement that Miley Cyrus won’t be touring to promote her new album “Endless Summer Vacation,” she wrote a letter to her fans explaining the reason behind this decision. In a recent interview with British Vogue, the pop singer expressed that performing in front of a large audience isn’t something she enjoys. She believes that it lacks the connection and safety that she desires, and it’s not a natural experience for her. Furthermore, it can also be isolating since being in front of thousands of people can make one feel alone.



After receiving an overwhelming response from both fans and critics, the singer of “Flowers” felt the need to elaborate on her initial quote. Using a note app, she explained that she feels more connected to her fans now than ever before. Even though she doesn’t see them in person every night at concerts, she deeply feels their presence in her heart. To maintain this connection, she is always looking for innovative ways to interact with her audience without compromising her own well-being.

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