Shakira explains how she was able to study at university without being recognized

The Colombian singer is one of the most prepared artists in the entertainment world. The artist of ‘Waka Waka’ has a university degree, a career started and is also a polyglot.

The Colombian has always known how to break all the schemes of the world in which she is characterized by having another type of life. Her career began in the 90’s. In this beginning she was committed to dividing her life between music and her life.

Moving to Los Angeles, she continued his studies. In addition, she took classes on Italian, Portuguese, English and Arabic.

In a post on his Instagram account, she ᴀssured that her hobbies are a little practical, while showing her degree in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. Career that ended in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.


In one of the comments, they congratulated the singer and applauded the fact that she took courses in ancient philosophy, compared to other artists who fall into depression in giant mansions.

In statements, she ᴀssured that she went unnoticed when he was in college : she wore sports pants, a baseball cap and did not raise suspicions in the classroom.

In addition, so that her name would not sound in the classrooms, she called herself by her middle name, Isabel.

When her songs began to be successful, she had to cancel her academic training to dedicate his full time to music.


The interpreter of great musical successes grew quickly in the music industry.

This was due to the fact that he had no limitations to record songs in English and starred in unforgettable live performances, with his hallmark of Arabic dance accompanied by music of the pop genre.

At 45 years old and with a family made up of soccer player Gerard Piqué and her two children, Milan and Sasha, she enjoys a completely her stable life.

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