Shakira Reveals Insights on Sustaining Romance and Redefining Sensuality as She Strikes a Pose in Lingerie

She first confirmed she was dating Gerard Pique three years ago and the couple welcomed their first child into the world last January. And Shakira has opened up about how she and the Spanish football player keep their relationship fresh.

The singer took part in an interview with Women’s Health magazine, and also graces the cover of its April issue.

In the sultry cover pH๏to, Shakira wears just a pink T-shirt and black knickers, showing off her toned tummy and legs.

She told the publication: ‘I think it takes—to keep it passionate in relationships—a lot of laughter and a lot of fun moments together. I think you have to have fun together, that’s essential.

‘But also affinity, you know. You have to be compatible. You have to—both of you—have to want it, have to really want the relationship to survive and to make it.’ She added: ‘I’m really happy where I am right now, with the person that I’m with right now. He seems to want the same things I want, and that’s very important.’

But Shakira, 45, isn’t of the mentality that date nights always need to be spent at fancy places and loves curling up on the sofa with her 27-year-old beau.

‘Lately, we’re watching Suits,’ she revealed. ‘He’s obsessed with Harvey Specter. He’s buying a bunch of suits. He’s under the influence.

‘I love to watch sitcoms, that’s my thing. Because, you know, life is so intense, my head is so intense sometimes, that for TV, I like it light. Light television please. 22 minutes of a few laughs and I’m good.’ The Colombian born beauty is as famed for her Sex appeal as for her music, but for her, Sexiness is not what’s on the outside but instead comes from within.

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