Shakira Reveals Slim and Toned Figure Following Post-Baby Transformation ‎

Pop star Shakira looked skinny and toned more than four months after giving birth to her second child

Los Angeles: Pop star Shakira looked skinny and toned more than four months after giving birth to her second child.

The 38-year-old singer star shared on Instagram three pH๏τos of herself working out with her trainer, Anna Kaiser, founder & CEO of AKT InMotion.

The mother of two appeared skinnier than ever and super toned, wearing a black cropped tee that shows off her toned abs, paired with black leggings and purple and blue sneakers.

She kept her long, curly blond hair loose. “Dancing and working with @theannakaiser today!!,” she wrote.

The singer showed a trim post-baby figure while walking in Barcelona in March and in other pics posted on her Instagram page.


The “Waka Waka” star is a global sensation and doesn’t need any introduction. Her songs, her tours, her performances have been amazing to all of us for years and not only her singing but her appearance needs lots and lots of appreciation and attention and obviously, she has that admiration as well.

The 1977-born Colombian singer has given many hits including “Hips Don’t Lie”, “Chantaje” and many more.

She has collaborated with Beyonce for “Beautiful Liar” and with Rihanna for “Can’t Remember to Forget you” and the songs were successful as the singers are immensely huge in popularity and net worth.

She also performed alongside Jennifer Lopez in the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show.


She is a superstar with many awards and nominations and has been referred to by many magazines and websites due to her prominence and success.

In July 2023, she released the song “Can’t Wait Up” and fans can’t resist watching the song on loop as her H๏τness and steamy Sєxiness is quite visible. According to fans, Shakira has stopped aging and she is still so young-looking even in her forties.

Shakira’s curves are widely admired by many fans and her bold moves in music videos are reasons behind the billions of views of her songs on YouTube.

It was really a hard task but somehow, we managed to pick a few of the very H๏τ pH๏τos of Shakira that show what a diva she is.


Her curls and her curves, and most importantly her facial expressions drive us mad even a boy or a girl all are equally mad or her.

Shakira was featured on Vogue Magazine as of June 2023 and despite the fact that the industry is filled with many beauty queens, this crownless queen is still irreplaceable and giving tough compeтιтion to the industry rivals.

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