Shakira’s timeless style shines as she rocks a figurehugging tank top and cargo pants during an epic studio recording session.

Shakira has been making waves with her numerous appearances this year, leaving a lasting impression at various events. She dazzled fans at the Wimbledon games, took center stage at the VMAs, and won big at the 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards. What’s more, she graced each occasion with her distinctive and edgy style, which was truly the highlight of it all.

She recently treated her Instagram followers to some sizzling snapsH๏τs taken in the recording studio. In these pH๏τos, she sported a set of relaxed cargo pants paired with a matching tank top, showcasing that, at the age of 46, she continues to defy the effects of aging. See the pH๏τos here!

In the post captioned, “Thankfully there is a hammock in this studio and very grateful visits,” the singer is seen posing inside a hammock in various ways. She sported oversized beige cargo pants featuring side strings, coupled with a tank top in a matching hue that accentuated her figure.

Completing the ensemble were chunky white sneakers and a denim jacket she wore in one sH๏τ. She allowed her lustrous golden hair to flow freely in her classic beachy fashion, complemented by a subtle pink lip color, maintaining a minimalistic look for the rest of her face.

The slideshow, which garnered more than 1M likes, showcased her son Milan standing behind her as they both posed for the memorable pH๏τo.

One fan commented, “Shakira!!! You’ve put together more top pH๏τos in less than a year than I have in a decade!!”

While another user made a note of her son: “Milan looks a lot like his mom Shakira!”

This post came after Shakira’s all-leather look for Billboard Latin Music Week where she made an appearance on the third day of the festival, participating in a live Q&A session with Leila Cobo, Billboard Español’s Chief Content Officer, in Miami.

For the session, the ‘She Wolf’ singer opted for an all-black look, with the focal point of her outfit being a leather romper designed by Alex Perry, featuring a sweetheart neckline and structured cups, along with a corset-inspired bodice.

To complete the look, she donned thigh-high platform boots that accentuated her already long and graceful legs.

At the event, Shakira shared her thoughts on how music has been a source of support and inspiration for her throughout all the phases of her life. “In composition, writing has always played a therapeutic role. I write the most when I’m at my worst. Life gives me a blow, and from this, I have learned a lot and I feel stronger,” the singer said. “My music has been my main survival tool.”

Music being her outlet makes sense after Shakira suffered a heartbreaking separation from her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, but has used her singing prowess to turn her pain into art!

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