Taylor Swift exudes New York City cool while out in Manhattan, while Travis Kelce dances to her hit Shake It Off in Texas… after she becomes a billionaire and re-releases 1989 to fanfare ‎

Taylor Swift was seen shining with New York glitz when she showed up in Midtown Manhattan on Friday night, marking the end of a busy week.

A report from Bloomberg on Thursday said that she had officially become a billiоnaire, with a net worth of $1.1 billiоn.

The huge success of her The Eras Tour, which is expected to become the most profitable concert run ever, was a big part of her victory.

Then, on Thursday night, she finally re-released her 2014 hit album 1989 (Taylor’s Version), which caused a lot of problems for Apple Music users.

Taylor looked like she was on top of the world Friday night as she went to dinner with her newlywed friends Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley. She had just finished a successful run as a professional athlete and was starting to date NFL star Travis Kelce.

Looking fab: Taylor Swift was spotted radiating New York glamour when she surfaced in Midtown Manhattan this Friday night, at the close of a chockablock weekMover and shaker: On Thursday a Bloomberg report revealed that she officially attained billionaire status, climbing to a net worth of $1.1 billionMaking it happen: Her coup was largely attributed to the barnstorming success of her The Eras Tour, which is predicted to become the highest-grossing concert run of all timeNew release: Then on Thursday night she finally re-released her 2014 hit album 1989 (Taylor's Version) - leaving Apple Music users experiencing widespread disruption

Fab: Amid her parade of professional achievements and her blossoming romance with NFL heartthrob Travis Kelce, Taylor looked on top of the world Friday night

Fab: Taylor looked like she had it all Friday night, with all of her professional successes and her growing relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce.

She showed off a lot of cleavage in a skintight, plunging black top that made her enviably toned body stand out.

She wore a striped chrome skirt that showed off her dancer’s legs as she walked down the street singing “You Belong With Me.”

The temperature was dropping at night, so she put on a brown leather blazer to keep warm and walkedaound in wine-colored boots.

Taylor pulled her signature silky blonde hair back into a ponytail and added a cute, young touch with fringe.

Makeup, like a slick of blооd-red lipstick that stood out in the city lights, made her features stand out even more.

The Pennsylvania singer made sure to add a touch of Hollywood glitz to her look with jewelry before going out for the night.

She caught people’s eyes with a pair of trendy earrings that didn’t go with her necklaces. As she walked down the street, the necklaces sparkled.

Jack and Margaret, on the other hand, were the picture of happiness. Taylor was one of many famous people who attended their summer wedding on Cape Cod.

What a look: She served up a generous helping of cleavage in a plunging, skintight black top that emphasized her enviably toned figureSwanking about: The You Belong With Me songbird hoisted on a striped chrome skirt that allowed her to show off her dancer's legs as she pounded the pavementUse it or lose it: Wrapping herself in a brown leather blazer to protect herself against the dropping nighttime temperatures, she sauntered about on a pair of wine-colored boots

Aglow: Taylor swept her signature, silky blonde locks back into a ponytail and sported a charmingly youthful touch of fringeAssets: She sharpened her unmistakable features with makeup, including a slick of blood-red lipstick that popped under the city lightsAll dolled up: Before heading out for the evening, the Pennsylvania songstress made sure to lend her look a touch of showbiz glitz via jewelryBringing it together: Clasping on a pair of gold necklaces that glinted as she hit the street, she caught tye eye with a set of trendily mismatched earrings

By the way: Taylor's latest outing comes amidst the runaway success of her re-release of 1989, the smash hit album named after the year she was bornPutting paid to the chatter: The songstress, who slammed speculation she is bisexual in the record's prologue, released her own version of her fifth studio albumOverjoyed: Taylor ecstatically told fans upon her album re-release: 'Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the magic you would sprinkle in my life for so long'

Light out of darkness: Taylor explained: 'This moment is a reflection of the woods we've wandered through and all this love between us still glowing in the darkest dark'

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