The Hidden Key to Shakira’s Enviable Physique Revealed

Anna Kaiser, her personal trainer, revealed one of the the singer’s best kept secrets

Anna Kaiser, Shakira’s personal trainer, has had a successful career that’s made her a favorite among celebrities.

She created her own training method when she couldn’t find one that had everything she needed, and it seems what she was looking for resonates with other women, as they also follow her program. Among her clients are Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as many other well-known names.

In terms of Shakira, Kaiser pointed out that one of the reasons the Colombian has a great body at 45 is her breakfast, which always includes two food items.

One of them is hard-boiled eggs, which are rich in protein and help her maintain her muscle mᴀss. The second is avocado chunks, ideal for preserving the healthy fats the body needs.


In addition, Shakira also includes tomato, sea salt, a touch of olive oil in her breakfast and drinks a red fruit smoothie, although sometimes she varies between that and green juice.

Naturally, fans were beside themselves, with one writing: “HOLY H๏τNESS!!!”

Another wrote in Spanish, “You are the greatest!” while another added, “Shak is in the house!”

For the electro-pop single, the Latina singer teamed up with Latin music superstar Rauw Alejandro for the Jaume de la Iguana-directed music video, which was sH๏τ on location in Barcelona.


The playful video follows the singer as she brings a robot lover (Alejandro) to life.

But outside of celebrating her music achievements, Shakira is also celebrating family milestones this week.

The singer, who shares sons Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, with soccer player Gerard Piqué, recently shared an adorable pic with her kids after they both achieve first place in a karate compeтιтion.


“Competing is never easy,” the singer captioned the pH๏τo in Spanish. “I love to see them gaining confidence and overcoming the fear of competing, since it is never easy at any age.”

She generated excitement in a sheer dress and bejeweled bra and glowed in the studio light with her curly locks flowing.

The single is her first official solo track since 2018, a long time for Shakira fans to wait. The last major event with the singer was her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance in 2020 with Jennifer Lopez.

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