‘The Kardashians’ Producer Reveals Whether Fans Will See Resolution With Kim and Kourtney in Season 4 ‎

The Kardashians is currently airing its 4th season and started with a bang. Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have been fighting with over Kim’s collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana. Kourtney, who used them for her Italian wedding and pulled from a specific look for said wedding, felt like Kim disrespected her with the collaboration. The fight came to a head with the two fighting in a tense phone conversation, with Kim revealing a secret group chat between her and Kourntey’s close friends where they discuss her perceived negative atтιтude.

Executive producer of the show, Ben Winston, spoke with Variety about the current season and what fans can expect out of Kim and Kourtney’s relationship going forward. “There’s no doubt about it — it’s probably our most fiery scene that we’ve ever sH๏τ, in the premiere. But then, pretty soon you see the heal the rift starting to heal.”

The family is currently filming Season 5 and admits it’s difficult when they have to rehash old arguments as the show airs. “If there was a theme with this season, it’s that whatever happens in their family, blood is always more important than anything,” Winston added.

What was difficult, according to Winston, was filming the dispute scenes because the family all get to have their own say in the storylines as executive producers on the show. “It’s a very collaborative process with them. I don’t see them as the subjects of our show. I see them as our partners,” he explained.

Their Feuding Is Nothing New


Since the show premiered on E! in 2007, Kourtney and Kim have always ʙuтт heads. As the show grew bigger, so did their feud. Viewers will never forget their physical altercation in the latter season that resulted in a filming break. Kourtney has expressed angst over filming, preferring not to share much of her life on camera anymore after seemingly carrying the show in its early seasons with her relationship with Scott Disick. Kim has expressed that she feels Kourtney is lazy and doesn’t take their job seriously. Hopefully, the sisters can hash things out, once and for all.

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