This is the first photo of Shakira taken with a cell phone in history

Nowadays, we could not imagine our lives without technology, or at least without cell phones. And at any time we can take them out and capture what is in front of us with just a brief movement and thanks to the large cameras that these devices have, but a few years ago everything was very different.

It was in 2002 when a young Shakira visited Japanese lands. There, the singer went to an interview with Katsuya Kobayashi and she was amazed by something she saw during that moment: a cell phone with a camera.

Shakira, amazed, couldn’t stop questioning herself and questioning the woman about that small and novel device that she held in her hands and that she could take photos and record videos. This small piece of the interview was uploaded to TikTok where it has caused great curiosity what those years were like when the world began to take photos from a phone.

The woman who was holding the phone showed her everything she could do and that was when she showed her the photo that Shakira had taken with them, which made the Colombian even more astonished, who couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The music superstar, as if she knew what she would experience 20 years later with the harassment of the cameras on her, was grateful at that moment that these new articles did not exist in Latin America.

Today cell phones not only allow you to take photos, but have become a fundamental tool for human beings in their daily lives, becoming an extension of the body.

Finally, in the video, before leaving, Shakira turns again to the woman, who appears to be a translator, to ask her if she also records video, to which she appears even more excited. β€œIs it also a video? Is incredible”.

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