Travis Barker Decided To Drum While Kourtney Was In Labor & Moms Wanna Snap His Sticks

When you’re in labor, there’s honestly not much your partner can do right. You glance over at them sitting on the stupid little hospital couch, where they’re perhaps innocently checking a text or eating a snack, very clearly not in excruciating pain or nervous they’re about to evict a baby from their body, one way or another. Hatred blooms in your chest, interrupted only by the next contraction. If you’re Kourtney Kardashian and married to world-famous drummer Travis Barker, well, let’s just say sitting through his choice of activity during labor must have required the patience of a saint.

Travis posted a video that appears to have been taken by Kourtney during her labor with their first child together, who she gave birth to on Nov. 5. In the footage, he taps away on a drum practice pad in time with their baby’s heartbeat. The pair shared sweet moments of the pregnancy all along, from Kourt’s pregnancy announcement at a Blink-182 concert to sweet pH๏τos of Travis drumming on her pregnant belly. If he was Ken, his job would be drum. So, is it really any surprise he brought his talents to the labor and delivery room? But it’s the comments on his video — and the reactions elsewhere on social media — that are making this moment go viral.

Celeb news expert Amanda Hirsch (@notskinnybutnotfat) shared Barker’s video to her Instagram and asked followers how they’d feel if their partners pulled the drumming-during-labor move, and the comments do not disappoint.

“Do you think Kourt is ever like, ‘We get it. You’re a drummer. You drum,’” reads one.

“My husband would be birthing those drum sticks,” says another.


Another makes it crystal clear what all birthing parents really want: “Mine is allowed to bring silence and a blanket. That’s it.” (Imagine your man packing a practice drum pad and sticks into a hospital bag while you’re 4 centimeters dilated and headed for the car.)

The responses to the video on X (formerly Twitter) are much the same, with commenters declaring “I promise you that lasted until the next contraction. They haven’t seen the sticks since,” and, “Rich people are so strange.”

Hilarious social media reactions aside, this is certainly a special moment Kourt and Trav will remember forever and tell their little one about one day. After a scary medical emergency during the end of Kourtney’s pregnancy that required urgent fetal surgery, the couple deserves all the happy moments they can get. And hey, it may have only lasted as long as the video does.

In any case, today the world learned that Kourtney Kardashian is an incredibly patient woman. If my husband tried this during my birth, I would have gone to jail for what happened next.

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