Waka Waka Continues to Triumph as a Champion

The planet is in the grip of football fever as the Fifa World Cup has been in full swing in Russia. While the fans are debating the merits of top teams that can go all the way, there is no dispute about a winner whose creation goes from strength to strength with each pᴀssing day.

We aren’t talking about football here although her boyfriend is a World Cup champion.

Shakira’s official song for the 2010 World Cup shows no sign of vacating people’s hearts.Waka Waka continues to rule YouTube with close to 2 billion views, even though eight years have elapsed since the Colombian wowed the world with her foot-tapping number.

Many people still have the song as their caller tune, as its popularity shows no sign of waning.

Shakira’s relationship with Spain and Barcelona player Gerard Pique blossomed when the song was sH๏τ for the 2010 World Cup.


She now has two kids with the defender. While Waka Waka owes its enduring charm to Shakira’s resonant voice and her sensational dance moves, it must also be remembered that choosing a predominantly black dance troupe also played a part in highlighting the official song’s focus.

Staging the World Cup was a proud moment for the whole of Africa, which had never staged the Olympics and the football gala before. The World Cup song hit the nail on the head with its refrain, This time for Africa.

In addition to the dynamic rendition of Shakira, the song also encapsulated the highs and lows of the previous World Cups beautifully.

The way Waka Waka fused football and music made it a blockbuster. From the elation of Maradona and Pele at winning the Cup to Roberto Baggio’s heartbreak at losing it, it features a range of emotions.


The silence that accompanies Italian defender Fabio Grosso’s World Cup winning penalty against French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez set the tone for the song that has all the ingredients to remain eternal.

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