Shakira: A Goddess-Like Singer with a Loving Husband 10 Years Her Junior

hakira has a continuous high-intensity exercise routine six days a week, Sunday being her rest day. The wife of the handsome Spanish midfielder –  Gerard Pique  also has a strict diet, focusing on fresh food and with a very small amount of sugar and milk.
She liked to practice dancing every day, dancing routine took up most of the time. Shakira practiced belly dance, pilates, ballet and even HIIT.
According to the singer’s personal trainer, Shakira dances most of the time, which makes her feel better. They will do a Zumba-like dance routine to get in shape and the routine will last for an hour to two hours.
Belly dancing and swimming
Belly dancing and swimming are one of the activities that follow after the dance for the singer to have great flexibility and endurance. Shakira switches exercises between days and does both for as little as 1 hour or up to 3 hours.
Shakira’s Diet
She eats a lot of fresh food and omits all sugar and dairy products. Organic foods are always favored by Shakira in her meals.
Fruits, vegetables and water are 3 dishes that are never lacking in one day of the female singer’s meal. Shakira drinks plenty of water throughout the day to keep her body hydrated and protect her skin from drying out.
The mother of two’s breakfast usually consists of eggs or avocado mixed with tomatoes, salt and olive oil, followed by a smoothie. Fish or ribs and large amounts of greens are available for lunch and dinner.
Lunch is usually a vegetable soup. “Cold day, warm evening” is the main principle of Shakira’s menu. Occasionally, she also eats pure chocolate as a snack.
At the age of 44, Shakira is still young and Sєxy thanks to dancing, belly dancing, gym exercises as well as maintaining a healthy diet, abstaining from sweets. She has sweet love from her young husband and two beautiful angelic sons.
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