Shakira’s Dark Times

After parting with player Pique, singer Shakira said she felt like a drowning person, trying to struggle in the middle of the sea.

In an interview with Elle in the October issue, Shakira called her current time “the darkest hours” of her life. The new singer ended her relationship with soccer player Pique after 11 years. The two have not yet agreed on a solution to take care of their two sons Milan (nine years old) and Sasha (seven years old). Shakira also faces charges of tax evasion by the Spanish government, which carries a penalty of eight years in prison if convicted.

Shakira in the first set of pH๏τos after breaking up with Pique.  PH๏τo: Elle

Shakira in the first set of pH๏τos after breaking up with Pique. PH๏τo: Elle

Shakira said she used to do her best to raise her family, so she felt broken when everything fell apart.

In the song Te Felicito (I congratulate you) released in April, the singer wrote: “To help complete you, I was broken into pieces. I was warned but decided to ignore it all. Don’t talk. sorry! I understand you well and know that you are lying.” Shakira did not reveal the hidden meaning behind the song. When asked for inspiration when writing Te Felicito, the singer always said the lyrics always come from things she experienced in real life. Those events overwhelm Shakira’s work in an unintentional and intentional way.

Shakira (born 1977) and Pique (born 1987) met in the spring of 2010, when the pop star was filming the music video for Waka Waka – the official song of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. They publicly dated a year later. In 11 years together, the star couple had two sons but were not married.

Shakira (left) and Pique have two sons after 11 years of dating.  PH๏τo: Pagesix

Shakira (left) and Pique have two sons after 11 years of dating. PH๏τo: Pagesix

In the middle of the year, the Spanish media suddenly reported that Pique had an affair, when he discovered he often went out with friends at nightclubs in Barcelona. Meanwhile, Shakira moves into her old apartment in Muntaner. In early June, the star couple confirmed their separation through a statement to the media: “For the sake of our children, who are our highest priority at this time, both of you ask for your privacy. Thank you for your understanding!”.


he love story broke up because both were pᴀssionate about their own careers. Shakira feels that she is the only one who accepts sacrifices to raise her family, so conflicts gradually arise. At the end of 2014, the Colombian singer decided to move to Spain to support her lover. “One of the two has to work and sacrifice. And I’m the one to accept that. I made music my number two priority and moved to Spain to support him playing football and winning тιтles. It’s a sacrifice in love,” said Shakira.

The singer was even more devastated when his father had an accident and had to have brain surgery recently. He went to Spain to comfort his daughter after hearing she broke up with Pique. However, Shakira’s father fell, resulting in a hematoma. A week later, he fell again, breaking a bone in his face.

In addition to her private life, Shakira is currently in legal trouble with the Spanish authorities regarding allegations of tax evasion on her $13.9 million income. On September 27, a court in Barcelona sent a subpoena but has not set a date for a trial. The singer refused the confession agreement offered by the prosecutors and wanted to confront him in court. “I am confident I have enough evidence to prove my innocence and justice will be on my side,” Shakira said.

Family and music help Shakira have more motivation to get up after a difficult time. In early September, she returned to Colombia to celebrate her father’s 91st birthday. She sings a bolero song and is delighted to see him parachute after being seriously injured. “Dad was my hero, an example of resilience and wisdom. Last year was a difficult time for him. However, he still danced and tried to sing along when he heard the music. I realize the power of music. Singing may not be as great as a doctor or soldier on the battlefield. However, it can connect people to life,” Shakira told Elle .

The owner of the hit Hips Don’t Lie thinks that making music is like a psychological treatment for her. Shakira is about to release her 12th album, her latest musical release since El Dorado (2017). The singer said: “Music has a healing effect. I think it is the best medicine, along with the love from family and children. It is like a piece of wood drifting on the sea, to which we cling to to avoid being chased in the middle of the ocean. I feel revived after every time I focus on writing music.


Shakira will release her 12th album later this year.  PH๏τo: Elle

Shakira will release her 12th album later this year. PH๏τo: Elle

Shakira’s current goal is to protect her children in the best way possible. She also did not think about finding new love even though she knew that Pique was looking for other women. After an 11-year love affair, she feels that women can still be happy without a man beside her. “My whole life before was filled with love affairs. I think the ideal state is to have a couple. Right now, I just need kids, family and friends to check in regularly. Please wait. My wound heals and what happens next,” Shakira told Elle .

Singer with full name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, born in 1977 in Colombia. As the most famous vocal of Latin music, she won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album 2011 and Best Latin Rock Album in 2006. Her famous songs are Hips Don’t Lie, Waka Waka …

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