Kansas City Chiefs Game Gets a Celeb Boost with Taylor Swift’s Star-Studded Squad and Fans Flock to See the Action

Taylor Swift was seen at MetLife Stadium on Sunday to support her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The singer was accompanied by her celebrity friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Sophie Turner. Last week, the Grammy winner was also spotted cheering for Kelce during the Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears. The two were even seen leaving the Chiefs locker room together and enjoyed a private dinner date at Prime Social Rooftop in Kansas City. Recently, Kelce was spotted arriving at his New Jersey hotel in Taylor’s Range Rover after spending the night at her Manhattan apartment, which has sparked further rumors about their romance.


Big supporter! Taylor Swift 33, was spotted at MetLife Stadium on Sunday to cheer on her new lover and Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce , ahead of the anticipated battle against the New York Jets in New Jersey; Swift with Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (from left to right)

Enthusiastic fan alert! Taylor Swift, aged 33, was seen at MetLife Stadium over the weekend, rooting for her beau and tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce, before their highly-anticipated match against the New York Jets in New Jersey. She was accompanied by Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman from left to right.

Mingling: Sophie Turner - who also recently announced her divorce from husband Joe Jonas - was also seen standing next to Swift shortly after the game kicked off on Sunday


During a recent game, Sophie Turner, who has recently declared her divorce from Joe Jonas, was spotted standing close to Taylor Swift as the game began on Sunday.

Supporting! Swift was seen sporting a pair of denim bottoms that contained sparkling, rhinestone embellishments and tucked in a long-sleeved, plain black shirt into the waist of the shorts

Taylor Swift was spotted donning a dazzling pair of denim shorts adorned with rhinestones, paired with a plain black shirt that she tucked in at the waist. To keep herself warm on a chilly day, she layered her outfit with a black leather jacket to add an edgy look. The singer was seen heading towards the stadium, accompanied by famous personalities such as Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Sabrina Carpenter, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner. During the game, the group was seen engaging in lively conversations and cheering for their favorite team. Taylor even raised her cup high in excitement at one point. Previously, she had supported Kelce at the Chiefs vs. Bears game, which led to a victory for the Kansas City team. Her appearance alongside Travis’ mother, Donna, in a VIP suite at Arrowhead Stadium sent both her fans and NFL enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Romance rumors: The performer was previously seen supporting Kelce at the Chiefs vs. Bears game last weekend - which resulted in a win for the Kansas City-based team

There have been talks of a possible romance between the artist and Kelce after they were spotted together at the recent Chiefs vs. Bears game. It’s worth noting that the Chiefs claimed victory in that match.


Excited: She layered the look with a black, leather jacket for an edgy flare and to stay warm in the cooler temperatures

With great enthusiasm, she added a black leather jacket to give her outfit an edgy touch, while also keeping her warm in the chilly weather.

Small smile: Her blonde locks were parted in the middle and effortlessly flowed down past her shoulders as the singer also opted for her signature red lipstick

A slight grin adorned her face as she flaunted her golden tresses parted in the center. The hair cascaded effortlessly down her shoulders, perfectly complemented by her signature red lipstick.

Applauding: Taylor as well as Blake and Ryan were seen expressing their excitement and cheering on the Chiefs from a VIP box in MetLife Stadium

Taylor, Blake, and Ryan were spotted in a VIP box at MetLife Stadium, cheering on the Chiefs and showing their enthusiasm for the game. They even applauded the team’s efforts, making it clear that they were true fans.

Game day: The Kansas City Chiefs tight end seen at MetLife Stadium for the game against the New York Jets on Sunday

It was game day and the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end was spotted at MetLife Stadium for their match against the New York Jets on Sunday.

A brief visit: Shortly before last week's game, in a video obtained by DailyMail.com , Taylor was seen joining Kelce's friends and family at his $1 million Kansas City home

In a recent development, Taylor Swift was spotted spending time with NFL star Travis Kelce. The two were seen leaving the Chiefs locker room after a game before enjoying a private dinner date at Prime Social Rooftop in Kansas City. Kelce reportedly bought out the restaurant for his family and team and the group stayed out until 2am. Swift was seen affectionately wrapping her arm around Kelce while at the eatery. Prior to the game, Swift joined Kelce’s friends and family at his $1 million home before heading to the stadium together in a party bus. For extra security, two police cars were positioned on the street. In other news, Swift was recently seen enjoying a girls night out with Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, and Brittany Mahomes ahead of the Chiefs vs. Jets game.

Happy: The Grammy winner held a big smile on her face as she lightly grabbed Ryan's arm while watching a play during the game

Joyful: The recipient of a Grammy award had a wide grin on her face and playfully held onto Ryan’s arm as they enjoyed a theatrical performance at the game.

Fueling: Since then, both the Blank Space singer and the NFL star have remained in the headlines as their romance continues to heart up

Ever since their romance started, the NFL star and the popular singer Blank Space have been continuously making headlines. It seems like their love is only getting stronger with time.

Latest girls night: On Saturday, Swift was seen enjoying a girls night out with her A-list pals Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, with Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany, also joining the fun

Swift had a fun night out with her celebrity friends on Saturday, including Blake Lively and Sophie Turner. Brittany, the wife of football player Patrick Mahomes, also joined in the excitement.

Back at his hotel: And on Sunday, Travis was seen returning to the the Envue Hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey ahead of the game on Sunday in the early afternoon hours

After his outing, Travis headed back to his lodging at the Envue Hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey. He arrived in the early afternoon, gearing up for the game on Sunday.

Time together: The NFL star was spotted arriving in Swift's Range Rover after it is believed he spent the night at the singer's apartment located in the Big Apple

The famous NFL player was recently seen arriving at Taylor Swift’s apartment in New York City, riding in her Range Rover. It is speculated that he may have spent the night with the singer. Later on, he was spotted returning to his hotel, the Envue Hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey, before his game on Sunday. The athlete was dressed casually, wearing a black T-shirt and cap, as he entered through a small side entrance.

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