Shakira Stuns in a Gold Mini Dress as She Enjoys a Night Out in Cannes

Shakira She was in Cannes and there he went not only for work but also to enjoy the nightlife within the world of celebrities. The paparazzi caught her at Elvis’s party. And for that event, she dressed in a gold mini dress, which left the pH๏τographers asking for more poses.

The “Elvis” movie exhibited at Cannes made many celebrities such as Shakira or Kylie Minogue present on the red carpet of the famous film festival. According to showbiz, lovers of the seventh art and, above all, those of the iconic Elvis Presley are eager to see if the young and handsome Austin Butler is up to the demanding task given to him by director Baz Luhrmann, who for his part has been very aware of the opinion of critics and the public in recent days, after his media staging on La Croisette.

The director recently confessed that apparently the very Priscilla Presley He has given his endorsement to the film and to Butler’s performance. “He told me: ‘If my husband were here today, he would tell (Austin): ‘My goodness, you’re just like me!’… It was the best comment I could have received,” she said. director Baz Luhrman.


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